Poll Result: 53.33% agree that the capital markets revolution is still broadly underestimated

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  • 29. April 2015

In our last newsletter Christoph Bruns of Loys AG stated that the capital markets revolution is still broadly underestimated.

We asked our readers whether they agree with his view.

The opinions were divided as one might expect with a topic as controversial as whether future history books will describe the current economic developments as a veritable revolution in the financial world.

Please see below the results and a few opinions that disagree with the author.

Poll Result April 2015


Readers’ comments

“…bRoman Kurevicecause central banks will fail – it depends on trust what they do – and when the BoE/FED will not raise rates, it´s game over.”

Roman Kurevic, CEO of Turopoldi Capital GmbH


“WiBruno Schnellerth QE, central banks manufacture what they are trying to defeat: By lowering the cost of borrowing, QE has lowered the risk of default, which has led to overcapacity. Overcapacity leads to deflation, which should benefit bond investors and not equity investors. However, since both asset classes are ultimately unattractive at the moment, we continue to favor hedge fund strategies over going long bonds or equities.”

Bruno Schneller, CIO of Skënderbeg Alternative Investments AG

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