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Negotiato.rs is a price comparison and negotiation service for institutional money managers, optimizing the service provider setups for our clients.

Negotiato.rs is a combination of a price comparison and negotiation service for institutional money managers, helping them to optimise their service provider setup and drive down operational costs. The proprietary Negotiato.rs database contains information about service providers regarding their capabilities, pricing ranges, contracts and target clients. This unparalleled market overview enables Negotiato.rs to connect the market participants with the best fit and to renegotiate clients’ existing service provider contracts successfully or to setup new fund structures in a cost efficient but still future-proof way.

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The UCITS HFS Index was created in order to provide a performance overview of all hedge funds that are UCITS compliant. Therefore all UCITS funds that apply strategies normally used in hedge funds (also known as absolute return strategies) are tracked that have more than EUR 10 million of assets under management and offer at least weekly liquidity. The UCITS HFS Index currently tracks over EUR 200 billion of assets under management. Investable products on and licensing of the indices are available on request as well as the creation of customized indices.

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Conferences & Events

UCITS Alternatives Conference

With the UCITS Alternatives Conference we successfully organized the first conference that focused solely on topics related to UCITS funds that employ absolute return strategies. As these topics were neglected by traditional mutual fund as well as hedge fund conferences we brought together Investors, Managers and Service Providers in the UCITS alternative space for the first time and offered a venue to meet, share know-how and do business. We offer clients the opportunity to organize tailor made events to attract business and raise brand awareness.

Investor Relations

Investor Relations

We help listed companies to attract interest of shareholders, investors, analysts and financial media in order to reach the highest and most appropriate valuation by leveraging traditional and new communications strategies.
Through our extensive network we are able to clearly and efficiently communicate our clients’ investment potential and corporate vision.
If you want to generate interest in the main financial hubs we can help you to raise your company’s profile by offering tailor made solutions to achieve your communication goals while creating an authentic and relevant story.

HF Compliance Service

Compliance Service
  • Professional out-sourcing solution of compliance tasks for hedge funds
  • Production of compliance manuals
  • Maintenance of compliance procedures and policies
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Compliance checks
  • Trade authorizations and monitoring